LSAT Minutes- January 15, 2019

LSAT Meeting Notes January 15 @ 7:30 am Attendance: Susan Wall, Helena Payne-Chauvenet, Norah Rabiah, Elizabeth Nelson, Corrie Schoenberg, Taeneress Griffin, Maria Maya, VanNessa Duckett, Abby Sparrow, Rebecca Sanghvi, Sean Dillon, Kenyon Weaver 1) Teacher parking: DDOT’s bill would allow teachers/staff daytime parking within a radius of the school. ANC (Amber Gove) is responsible for […]

LSAT Minutes- December 12, 2018

LSAT Meeting Notes December 12 @ 7:30 am Attendance: Abby Sparrow, Susan Wall, Sean Dillon, Shannon Von Felden, Kenyon Weaver, Elizabeth Nelson, Maria Maya, Taeneress Griffin, Corrie Shoenberg, Rebecca Sanghvi, Helena Payne Chauvenet, VanNessa Duckett, Patrick Koontz 1) Budget will need to be submitted in February Based on 417 students–count from October Easiest way to ensure […]

LSAT Minutes- November 20, 2018

LSAT Meeting Notes November 20 @ 7:30 am Attendance: Helena Payne Chauvenet, Becca Sanghvi, Taeneress Griffin, Patrick Koontz, VanNessa Duckett, Abby Sparrow, Maria Maya, Sean Dillon, Corrie Schoenberg , Shannon von Felden, Kenyon Weaver, Susan Wall, Elizabeth Nelson 1) Name change facilitation (Presentation by Stefany Thangavelu)—discussed various options for a facilitation of proposed name change and […]

LSAT Minutes – October 16, 2018

LSAT Meeting Notes October 16 @ 7:30 am   Present: Sean Dillon, VanNessa Duckett, Taeneress Griffin, Patrick Koontz, Maria Maya, Elizabeth Nelson, Helene Payne-Chauvenet, Norah Rabiah, Rebecca Sanghvi, Corrie Schoenberg, Abby Sparrow, Shannon Von Feldon, Susan Wall, Kenyon Weaver   1) Principal Payne-Chauvenet update Principal PC shared that the school goals for the year around […]