About Maury

Maury Elementary School is a vibrant community of learners, thinkers, creators, and achievers. Our community-based school provides inquiry-based learning experiences, arts enrichment, and academic programs that help students discover their potential. Through work and play, we support each student’s growth and development, encouraging self-empowerment, high achievement, and a passion for learning. Maury embraces the diversity within our school and community, and promotes strong connections among our students, staff, parents, and volunteers.

Students working on Maury’s own Infinity Room in 2017.

Programming offered at Maury includes music, art, science, health and physical education, and library/media for all grades, Chinese language and culture, as well as creative movement in the Early Childhood classrooms.

Maury’s enrollment for 2019–2020 school year is around 450 students. Each classroom has a full-time or part-time aide. Maury’s active PTA works to engage families and the neighborhood in all aspects of school life. Parents are always welcome and are invited to work closely with teachers to ensure that each child receives the attention he or she needs to succeed.


Maury Elementary School offers a nurturing environment to its community of involved learners, fostering creativity, cultivating curiosity, and forming lasting connections to develop self-empowered citizens.


We believe that each child has an inherent right to an education. It is our intent that he or she will develop his or her maximum capabilities, in an environment that respects and supports the diversity within our community.

At Maury, we believe that each child has the ability to learn, regardless of the rate of learning. Therefore, we pledge to meet this challenge by providing a comprehensive educational program in an atmosphere that is open and responsive to the needs of our students.

We believe in an inquiry-based environment where students must use critical and analytical thinking. We believe that hands-on learning in various settings is a crucial part of learning. Our caring staff attends to each student’s learning style to help him or her succeed.


The Maury community is rich with traditions that provide continuity and positive rituals for our children. Parents are welcome at all events. Creative input from Maury students and families on making these events even better is always welcome of course, as are ideas for new traditions!

School Slogan
“Empowering Minds Today, Developing the Citizens of Tomorrow!”

School Colors
White and Royal Blue (uniform is white/navy)

School Mascot
The Maury Cougar

School Logo
The Maury Community Tree

School Song
Dear Maury Elementary


Maury Elementary School was built in 1886 and named for John Walker Maury, the 14th mayor of the city of Washington. It has been in continuous operation for over 130 years.