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LSAT Minutes- November 20, 2018

LSAT Meeting Notes

November 20 @ 7:30 am

Attendance: Helena Payne Chauvenet, Becca Sanghvi, Taeneress Griffin, Patrick Koontz, VanNessa Duckett, Abby Sparrow, Maria Maya, Sean Dillon, Corrie Schoenberg , Shannon von Felden, Kenyon Weaver, Susan Wall, Elizabeth Nelson

1) Name change facilitation (Presentation by Stefany Thangavelu)—discussed various options for a facilitation of proposed name change and various costs. Discussed need for transparency and desire to include broader scope of community past and present. Question about whether the facilitator is meant to help with broader support of working through challenging times or just with this specific issue of name change.  LSAT will continue to discuss this issue, but no decision made.

2) Principal Update/ESSA Rating/Enrollment SY 19-20 (PC)—DCPS is instituting a new way of rating schools which will result in a school snapshot as well as a star rating system. The data should be released in December. Enrollment is just below 422.

3) Hand washing station follow up (Kenyon)—Proposal for portable hand washing system to put in multipurpose bubble. It would require some maintenance for refilling/changing out water. $1200 that DCPS will not provide so will need to be raised. Logistics of lunch eating time is a concern. We will need a core of parents to volunteers to manage the station

4) Name change/DCPS involvement/survey (Sean)—see above notes.

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