LSAT Minutes- December 12, 2018

LSAT Meeting Notes

December 12 @ 7:30 am

Attendance: Abby Sparrow, Susan Wall, Sean Dillon, Shannon Von Felden, Kenyon Weaver, Elizabeth Nelson, Maria Maya, Taeneress Griffin, Corrie Shoenberg, Rebecca Sanghvi, Helena Payne Chauvenet, VanNessa Duckett, Patrick Koontz

1) Budget

  • will need to be submitted in February
  • Based on 417 students–count from October
    • Easiest way to ensure proper numbers is to focus on re-enrollment in the spring
  • HPC will prioritize personnel, especially those who support our school goal of writing

2) Star-rating

  • Is it worth digging into how we got the rating and how to continue to get it? Is it a priority to continue getting it?
    • PC will talk about the breakdown of scores at the PTA meeting in January
    • Data is from last spring and teachers have already analyzed closely
    • After MOY assessments in January, we will have a better idea of our growth this year

3) Moving Process

  • Continuing to reiterate move-in date–Office staff will probably move out of office to make room for Eliot-Hine
  • Figure out immediate storage at new building for boxes
  • Will probably move everything at one time–packed by last day of school
  • Not as many things to move because we aren’t taking furniture
  • Can we get families to store things in basements and garages that would be irreplaceable if lost?
  • Can we put a line in the PTA budget for a moving fund?
    • Can put it in the new budget starting July 1

4) Renovation update from SIT

  • Furniture was presented, most of it is standard by DCPS
  • Presentation on finishes is coming soon
  • Playground was presented with the color scheme, talking about an environmental picture on the playground (representing Anacostia?)
  • Movable stage providing for different configurations
  • Max Keiba is following up on shade on the playground

5) Brick Fundraiser

  • Did not sell out of bricks

6) Name Change

  • Katie from DCPS mentioned that John Walker Maury isn’t the school’s registered name
  • Maury has already gone through a lot of changes–incorporated Lovejoy and possibly Gibbs
  • Sean–based on conversations, don’t know if a survey will result in any unanimous decision
  • Can we engage students in the conversation? Survey for homework?
  • Some parents may create a survey or push for a decision independently, even if LSAT doesn’t move forward. How do we feel about that?
  • LSAT will distribute a survey to the community. We will revise the original survey to eliminate the option to disassociate with John Walker Maury
    • We will distribute online, paper copies and through homework from 2-5 grade
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