LSAT Minutes – October 16, 2018

LSAT Meeting Notes

October 16 @ 7:30 am



Sean Dillon, VanNessa Duckett, Taeneress Griffin, Patrick Koontz, Maria Maya, Elizabeth Nelson, Helene Payne-Chauvenet, Norah Rabiah, Rebecca Sanghvi, Corrie Schoenberg, Abby Sparrow, Shannon Von Feldon, Susan Wall, Kenyon Weaver


1) Principal Payne-Chauvenet update

Principal PC shared that the school goals for the year around reading, writing and math will focus on narrowing the gender and the racial gap. The school has all of their beginning of year academic data and is using this data to set short and long-term goals.


2) Maury Name Change

Dr. Jackson-King, principal of Boone Elementary (formerly Orr Elementary), attended the meeting and shared how the 4th graders discovered that Benjamin Orr was a slave holder and slave trader during a research project in 2014. The school decided to name their school after a local icon, native Washingtonian and former principal Lawrence E. Boone. She shared how the DC Council has to vote for the name change after DCPS agrees to it. The next community listening session for Maury is tonight, Tuesday, October 16.


3) Dyslexia Workshop

Parent and PTA President, Shannon Von Felden, shared that the PTA will be funding a workshop on dyslexia led by the Reading, Learning and Literacy Center on December 4th in the evening. This event is open to the greater community.


4) Mentoring Groups/Achievement Gap

VanNessa Duckett expressed an interest in partnering with a local mentoring program, specifically for African-American male students. Maury used to have similar programs. We discussed reaching out to school alumni organizations, DCPS Empowering Males of Color initiative, and local companies.


5) Maury Village Construction Exposure Update

Kenyon Weaver shared how the SIT came up with handwashing options, including a permanent handwashing station, a portable handwashing station, and scheduled handwashing sessions in the building. He will come back with options from the PTA in terms of funding and timing.

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