LSAT Minutes- January 15, 2019

LSAT Meeting Notes

January 15 @ 7:30 am

Attendance: Susan Wall, Helena Payne-Chauvenet, Norah Rabiah, Elizabeth Nelson, Corrie Schoenberg, Taeneress Griffin, Maria Maya, VanNessa Duckett, Abby Sparrow, Rebecca Sanghvi, Sean Dillon, Kenyon Weaver

1) Teacher parking: DDOT’s bill would allow teachers/staff daytime parking within a radius of the school. ANC (Amber Gove) is responsible for requesting the parking access, school would have to do the work around how it would work at Maury. This would need to be on  ANC’s March agenda in order to have it planned by school start in August.

  • No tradeoff with 12th place parking lot but would give the option to convert the parking lot into play space
  • There is a fee involved for teachers
  • Concerns about street parking–availability close to the school, walking to cars from events at night
  • Final decision would come from DCPS/DGS, not from Maury community
  • LSAT should facilitate conversation with stakeholders to make sure all voices are heard but be careful not to duplicate conversations by SIT

2) Principal Update

  • ANET-growth in 3rd and 4th, dip in scores in 5th grade
  • Math- Still waiting for data
  • More data available in February
  • Sean and Ms. Maya will go to budget discussion tonight (1/15) to hear process
  • Maury is one of 3 finalists for Whole Child Award at Standing Ovation

3) Five-Star Rating Data

  • Based on 17-18 PARCC data, attendance
  • Principal Payne-Chauvenet will share at Thursday’s PTA meeting
  • We will talk more at next meeting

4) Name Change Survey–Add one sentence to explain that Maury Elementary is the complete name of the school. We will include a note on background of discussion so far.

  • Make it clear that the full name of the school is Maury Elementary

5) IB-We feed into an IB school. Do we want to research how to get designated as a Primary Years IB school?

  • Pros-Consistent with feeder school programs
  • Cons–cost to train teachers, addition of one more program, giving up current curriculum
  • We could use 5th grade to teach IB vocabulary and values
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