Funky Fresh in ’14!

Loyal followers! I am so excited to inundate you with a photo blast of all the great work studiomaury has been churning out. I am so pleased with our Maury artists. Art class over the past few weeks has been such a delight. Students are in high spirits, positive behavior abounds, and we are all […]

Pop Art from All Angles

Studiomaury has been transformed into a highly productive art space, one that rivals even that of Andy Warhol’s infamous cross-genre studio space, The Factory (minus the tin foil on the walls). I’m dying to share the pop culture creations our elementary artists are churning out, all at the unique inspiration of Pop Art legends such as Roy […]

It’s a bird, It’s a plane, It’s… our sculpture coming to life!

Ahoy! He’s spotted it! Our Chihuly sculpture is coming to life at the hands of some very talented Maury artists!  Learn about our process below! We began the installation process by creating maquettes of what we wanted our painted plastic bottles to look like.  What’s a maquette? Definition of MAQUETTE :  a usually small preliminary model […]