“Art is Science Made Clear” – Jean Cocteau

  Combining art and science is one of my favorite things to do and luckily, I’m not alone! Recently, our 2nd graders were lucky enough to spend the day with Sarah Noble, a NASA Lunar Geologist and painter! Sarah showed us many of the ways science incorporates the Elements of Art (line, color, texture, value, […]

“I See Me, You See Me” 2nd Grade Identity Masks

Every day, whether we know it or not, we are defining our personal identities through our actions and physical expressions. At the same time, others perceive who they think we are. The way we see ourselves does not always match with how others see us. In second grade, we took a long, hard look at […]

What’s In A Name?

  Did you know that you can hear art and see music? The art studio has been a real cacophony of stomps, snaps, and claps as Maury kindergarten and first graders have become experts and creating and identifying the rhythms of their names through pattern and repetition and creating unique sounds to pair with the […]

Trusting the Process

In 3rd grade, art teachers begin to place greater emphasis on the importance of mastering more technical skills in order to help continue the fragile process of developing the whole artist. Although experimentation with new media and processes is forever valued in elementary art-making, and especially in Studio Maury, the older a student gets, the more […]