It’s a bird, It’s a plane, It’s… our sculpture coming to life!

bottles! 067Ahoy! He’s spotted it! Our Chihuly sculpture is coming to life at the hands of some very talented Maury artists!

 Learn about our process below!

We began the installation process by creating maquettes of what we wanted our painted plastic bottles to look like.  What’s a maquette?


Definition of MAQUETTE

:  a usually small preliminary model (as of a sculpture or a building)
Each student created a minimum of 2 maquettes from rolled scrap paper. The idea was to create a cylindrical form that would mimic the form of the bottle. The maquette allowed us to experiment with our design. Getting practice cutting, bending, folding, twirling, looping, and curling paper was useful when it came time to dive into the real thing. One of the studio’s golden rules is that Great artists always PLAN before they CREATE. Can you imagine if  Michelangelo just “dove in” to chiseling The David?
Say whaaaaaaaaat?
bottles! 007
The telescope technique proved very helpful when perfecting the perfect paper cylinder
bottles! 028
5th graders flexing their advanced paper cutting muscles (show offs!)
bottles! 029
An entire table full of 1st grade Maury Maquette Makers!
bottles! 042
3rd graders in the zone!
bottles! 066
These kindergartners put that recycled paper to good use!
bottles! 005
This is harder than it looks! These two have it all figured out!
After the perfect design was decided upon, it was time to put 700 bottles to good use!
maury and chicago 182
REWIND! I’m getting way ahead of myself. Here’s how we went from this:
To this:
bottles! 076
We learned about the 3 primary colors–the keys to the world of color
maury and chicago 052
We spent some up close and personal time with old red, yellow, and blue
maury and chicago 120
The color wheel introduced us to secondary and tertiary colors, not to mention analogous and complimentary colors
maury and chicago 127
maury and chicago 152
Excellent palette technique!
maury and chicago 056
We became experts at using our artist’s rag to clean our brushes before switching colors. This prevented us from contaminating our precious primary colors
maury and chicago 141
How could I forget the days of the robot hands?
maury and chicago 145
Robot hands helped us keep that acrylic paint from completely covering our hands
maury and chicago 050
Weeks of my sink looking like this…
maury and chicago 172
Was all worth it when the result was like this!
maury and chicago 116
And this!
maury and chicago 119
And these!
maury and chicago 128
I love this one!
maury and chicago 133
So much painting allowed us to cut and sculpt to our hearts content!!
bottles! 017
So much motion!
bottles! 022
Safe sculpting!
bottles! 033
The fierce faces of recycled art makers
bottles! 036
bottles! 072
Sharing and comparing
bottles! 077
Two Maury 4th graders work to zip tie the bottles onto the 6 ft mesh armature
The finished product should be done soon! Look for pictures of the completed masterpiece in a week or two!

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