Rename Our School Survey & LSAT Update

Maury Community,

In an effort to make the survey successful, here are a few updates.

Update 1:

Question: What if I want to keep “Maury” but disassociate from John Walker Maury?

Answer: If you want to keep “Maury” but otherwise disassociate from John Walker Maury, select “NO. It should remain Maury Elementary.” and then in the comments section below that, explain that you would like it to simply be “Maury”. For example: “I am in favor of keeping ‘Maury’ but not having any connection to John Walker Maury”.

While many of the survey respondents are already doing this, we wanted to make sure this was clear.

Update 2:

In order to have greater reach and give survey participants anonymity, we are removing the requirement to enter an email address. If you already took the survey and provided it, this data has been scrubbed.

Update 3:

There is a paper option. The survey is located in the front office- please return to box that has been provided.

Thank you for everyone who has already completed the survey- your support is appreciated.  Please follow the link to participate.

Should we rename our school?

Survey letter
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