Corinne Carmichael | 1st Grade

Corinne Carmichael joined the Maury community, as a first-grade teacher, in 2020. She taught fourth and first grade in DCPS for four years before coming to Maury. “I strive to instill a love of learning and a sense of determination in my students, values that were instilled in me by my elementary teachers and that […]

Katie Linn | 2nd Grade

Katie Linn joined the Maury community, as a second-grade teacher, in 2016. Ms. Linn earned her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Lynchburg University and her Master of Arts in Elementary Education from Marymount University. Before joining Maury she taught in Virginia and North Carolina. In her free time, Ms. Linn likes to cook, […]

Katie Spellacy | 3rd Grade

Reading / Writing Katherine (“Katie”) Spellacy has taught at Maury since 2016, teaching fifth grade for one year before moving to third grade. Before joining the Maury community, Ms. Spellacy worked at Capital City Public Charter School for ten years and Bell Multicultural High School for six years. Ms. Spellacy grew up in St. Paul, […]

Abby Sparrow

Abby Sparrow | 4th Grade

Reading Abby Sparrow joined the Maury community, as a fourth-grade teacher, in 2014. Before that, she taught Grade 7 and 8 English Language Arts for six years at a DCPS middle school. Ms. Sparrow is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She received her bachelor’s degree in English and psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned her […]