Katelyn Mazenko | 2nd Grade

Katelyn Mazenko | 2nd Grade

Katelyn Mazenko joined the Maury community as a second grade teacher in 2022. Ms. Mazenko was born and raised in the Philadelphia area and received her undergraduate degree from Villanova University. She taught in Tulsa, Oklahoma from 2012-2014 and in DCPS from 2014-2021. Ms. Mazenko received a master’s degree in Reading Education from Peabody College […]

Kaitlin Cunningham-Gonzalez | Special Education

1st-3rd Grade Kaitlin Cunningham Gonzalez teaches special education across the first, second, and third grade levels. She began teaching at Maury in 2021, starting her sixth year in the educational field. She inspires her students to find joy in learning through taking risks and problem-solving in project-based learning. Mrs. Cunningham Gonzalez is originally from New […]

Nick Lilja | 2nd Grade

Nicholas (“Nick”) Lilja joined Maury as a second-grade teacher in 2021, beginning his fourth year teaching with DCPS. Mr. Lilja grew up in Maryland. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Penn State and graduated with his Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education from American University. Some of Mr. Lilja’s hobbies are film photography, […]

Katie Linn | 2nd Grade

Katie Linn joined the Maury community, as a second-grade teacher, in 2016. Ms. Linn earned her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Lynchburg University and her Master of Arts in Elementary Education from Marymount University. Before joining Maury she taught in Virginia and North Carolina. In her free time, Ms. Linn likes to cook, […]