“Art is Science Made Clear” – Jean Cocteau


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Combining art and science is one of my favorite things to do and luckily, I’m not alone! Recently, our 2nd graders were lucky enough to spend the day with Sarah Noble, a NASA Lunar Geologist and painter! Sarah showed us many of the ways science incorporates the Elements of Art (line, color, texture, value, shape, space, and form) naturally!

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We looked at fantastic and inspiring images from the Hubble Telescope and noticed that way that these hyper-realistic pictures almost became abstractions based on how non-representational they looked close up.

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Using chalk pastel to create our interstellar works of art, we blended, smudged, and layered chalky colors to get the atmospheric look of outer space. Students used the help of photographs from Hubble to get the images as realistic as possible, while adding their creative flares to the finished product.
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The results of our science and art collaboration are on display outside the art studio now! Come check out the ways our students use art to make science more clear!
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