February PTA Meeting Minutes

The PTA Executive met virtually Feb. 17, 2021 at 6 p.m. with all members present. Approximately 40 people attended the meeting online.

President, Ross Kyle (RK)

Vice-President, Lora Nunn (LN)

Treasurer, Andrew Lyons (AL)

Secretary, Elizabeth O’Gorek

Principal, Helena Payne Chauvenet (PC)

Assistant Principal, Andrew Lardell (AP)

PTA Budget Report

Treasurer Drew Lyons reported that, halfway through the school year, the PTA is also 1/2way through the budget and at 52% of expected fundraising. To meet our target, we’ll need to raise another 15,000 for this year (not including Maury at the Market, which is allocated to the next school year). Teaching Assistants account for 61% of our budget, which is tight.

AL has sent out giving statements for contributions to the annually fund.

In order to collect community input before formulating the 2022-23 PTA Budget we are holding two community listening sessions, both at 6:30p and online, one Mar. 7 and another Mar. 16.

March 7 PTA Budget Listening Session

March 16 PTA Budget Listening Session

The PTA budget is available on the website.

Vacant Executive Positions

A call is out for someone to fill the position of Parliamentarian for the duration of the school year. The position comes for election in May. The volunteer would complete the last few months of the term.

The Parliamentarian has two principal duties:

  1. Facilitating Elections
  2. Managing Room Parent List Serv

The latter is important during Maury at the Market, when room projects are gathered.

This position could be split between two volunteers. Please submit interest to maury.pta.secretary@gmail.com

—or consider running in May!!

Volunteer for Maury at the Market (M@M)

The annual keystone fundraiser Maury at the Market is slated for May. 7 in the North Hall of Eastern Market (700 N. Carolina Ave. SE). This year’s theme is “Lights, Camera, Auction!” We’re really excited about the event this year and can’t wait to celebrate with all of you!

The team is looking for volunteers to help with social media, help plan the party and decorate the hall. Email SteveBeam@gmail.com

DCPS Budget Shortfall

DCPS is using a new funding formula to determine school budgets, so for 2021-2022, out of 71 DCPS elementary schools, Maury is 71st in per-pupil spending.

LSAT Co-Chair D’Ann Lettieri said school funding is being allocated via a new model; in addition, Mayor Bowser is providing certain funds per school but not at Maury; we want DC Council to re-examine the budget. It is not clear how the Mayor’s funds were distributed.

The school will be fine, Letter said; but it means we won’t be able to add a fourth 4th Grade teacher, despite the fact that the current three classes are growing and are at 27-28 students.

Per-pupil funding is locked, but we could advocate for add-ons or additional funds for next year from DC Council which must approve the budget. We need to write Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen and Council Chairman Phil Mendelson to ask council to examine the process to ensure that every school is being treated fairly.

Meet the New DBH Clinician, COVID Connector

Principal PC introduced Zehra Naviwala, the new Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) Clinician now full time at Maury as part of the Paving the Way program. She helps children with behavioral or emotional challenges. Email: zehra.naviwala@k12.dc.gov or cell 240-319-4641

PC also introduced Jenn Thompson, our permanent COVID connector. She helps with COVID issues and support with updates and safety logistics. jenn.thompson@k12.dc.gov

Updates Learning Progress

PC provided an update on learning growth by grade level, noting that Maury is at or above pre-pandemic score levels on reading. She said she anticipates growth will continue. Read aloud to your student to help their fluency; talk to teachers in the March 1 on 1 conferences.

K to 5 math results indicate the change in progress from before the pandemic is that there were a lot more student 2 to 3 grade levels behind; that is shrinking with intervention.


Procurement took a long time, PC said, but now the online tutoring contract is operational. If you want to join new online tutoring program, especially in math, contact AP Lardell, andrew.lardell@k12.dc.gov. There’s a waitlist, but it is expected to open as the school has a contract with a provider.

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