Be A Candidate in PTA Executive Elections

Join the Executive! We’re looking for folks to run for President, Treasurer and Parliamentarian for the Maury Elementary PTA.

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Positions are elected in alternating years. This year, we’re looking for folks who wish to fill the roles of President, Treasurer and Parliamentarian. A short description is provided below; a lengthier description can be found on pp. 6-8 of the PTA bylaws.

President: Presides at meetings of the PTA, and as PTA representative to the LSAT; coordingate work of officers and committees to promote purposes.

Treasurer: Custodian of PTA funds; maintains account of those funds and records of cash activities; makes payment according to budget; keeps reciepts and books; presents monthly financial statements and annual report on financial state; reportsfindings of annual audit.

Parliamentarian: is repository of parliamentary procedure and policies and mission of PTA; advises officers on procedure and parliamentarian law, when requested and has a copy of bylaws at meetings; administers executive elections and presides over Classroom Parents.

We currently have incumbents in the roles of:

Vice President (Lora Nunn): Acts as aide to president, performing presidential duty where president is absent or unable.

Secretary (Elizabeth O’Gorek): Records minutes of meetings; reads minues of previous meetings; files records; have copy of bylaws; maintain membership list.

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