Lauren Bomba | Art

Lauren Bomba has taught art in “Studio Maury” since 2012. “I feel so lucky,” she says, “to have begun my career as an art educator at Maury—a school and community that celebrates and supports the arts.”

Ms. Bomba was born in Washington, D.C. but considers North Carolina home. She graduated from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC with a B.A. in English for creative writing and minored in Spanish and Art. Her own studio focuses on ceramics, printmaking, and sculpture.

Ms. Bomba strives to make art integral to all areas of student learning. It is important to her that students have an authentic place to grapple with the events unfolding in the world around them. “The studio is a place where individuality, original ideas, and creative risk-taking are celebrated. Cultivating a space to practice expressing bold ideas and communicating unique perspectives is something I am passionate about creating for students.” She loves to watch kids gain confidence through artmaking and believes that this confidence transfers to all aspects of their lives.

In her down time, Ms. Bomba loves to eat and bake bread, collect records, explore nature with her sons and husband, and take road trips. Sunshine, good coffee, art, and exercise also help keep a pep in her step.

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