Let Them Eat $1,225 Worth of Cake: Maury Yard and Bake Sale Recap

The numbers speak for themselves: 244 cookies, 156 muffins, 156 brownies, 96 cupcakes, 60 cake pops, 48 Rice Krispie treats, 5 loaves of bread, 4 pies and 2 coffee cakes. There was something for everyone, ranging from brownies to banana cream pie, all of which Anne McFadden and her dedicated team of power bakers made and sold at the Maury Yard Sale on Saturday. The five hour sale generated roughly $1,225. That’s an increase of nearly 34% from $915 last year.

Sweet tooths abounded at the Maury Yard Sale, where Anne McFadden and her crew of power bakers sold more than $1,200 in baked goods in fewer than five hours.

Ready for the masses: Anne McFadden and her crew of power bakers sold more than $1,225 worth of baked goods in under five hours.

Of course the bake sale was just one (but significant) part of the total extravaganza, which generated $11,500 this year. Yard sale chair Brooke Jamison, along with a crew of committed volunteers, spent countless hours turning a mountain of donations into a well-organized event. The effort paid off — sales climbed 15% from the $10,000 Maury raised last year.

For those that missed it, the yard sale had something for everyone: bikes, strollers, furniture, shoes, stuffed animals, books, art, lamps and even high-end fashion.

At the Couture Corner, a separate section of the sale, bargain hunters found luxury goods, from brands such as Coach and Burberry, at steeply-discounted prices. The section was painstakingly curated by sifting through thousands of pounds of donations to pick out a unique selection of fashion-forward pieces. Each item was carefully assessed and priced before it was displayed. (And for future reference: Designer purses and high-end children’s clothes sold very well, so try to hold off until next year before throwing out any unloved bags or kids clothes!)

It's hard to believe that just 24 hours earlier, the stage was covered with mounds of donations.

Hard to believe that just 24 hours earlier, the stage was covered with mounds of stuff.

Not everything sold, though. Former administrative aide, Ms. Coleman, who left Maury for Anacostia High School in 2015, took a truck load of donations to the yard sale at AHS. However, we still have lots of donations left that are free for the taking on the stage in the multi-purpose room. (At last check there were still car seats, chairs and toys available.) Please help yourself to anything of interest that’s left this week — after that, the remaining items will be gone.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the generous contributions from everyone in the Maury community — whether it was a donated pile of old books, a delicious pie, or the hours spent sorting through boxes of donations in the wee hours of the night — every little bit helped. Special thanks go out to: Brooke Jamison, Anne McFadden, Alison Schwartz, Clare Dougherty, the Maury Maintenance Team for their ongoing assistance (and for the great burgers and hot dogs!), the Friday night setup crew, and all the volunteers before, during, after the sale. Thank you!


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