Lindsay Raymond, PE & Health

I am so excited to join the Maury community and look forward to sharing my love and knowledge of health, fitness, and athletics with all of my students!

I strongly believe that both Health and Physical Education are integral parts of the total education program for every student in any school district. The values, principles and concepts associated with a quality Health and Physical Education program surpass the boundaries of the classroom, gymnasium, and playing fields. Physical activity is a catalyst for learning in all content areas. I am committed to providing programming, which allows frequent and diverse opportunities to engage in physical activities necessary to support a healthy mind and body. By continuously challenging new ideas and staying active through the school and community, I believe that my students will have a successful experience that will last a lifetime!

My goal is to provide the knowledge, skills, and opportunities, in a supportive and inclusive environment, to allow each student to discover the value of movement, cooperation, teamwork, healthy competition, wellness, and responsibility to themselves and others that can be applied over a lifetime. Every student, regardless of athletic or physical ability, will receive the opportunity to participate and succeed in Health and Physical Education at Maury!

“Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.” ~John F. Kennedy

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