Is There Anything More Beautiful than BEAUTIFICATION Day?


Take note of the rustic new floors in StudioMaury. Whoever said faux-wood wasn’t cozy?

Forget Birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, my favorite day, and a day that I would surely declare a holiday if given the power, would be School Beautification Day. For those of you who aren’t as familiar with this celebratory event, allow me to explain. Beautification Day falls on the Saturday before the first day of school every year and lasts from 9 am-1 pm, or until the custodians kick us out. It’s a day for panic-filled teachers to create mile-long lists and then thrust them upon really generous, really kind, really eager to help friends, families, community members and best of all–strangers! This was my 4th Beautification Day and I must express that the crew I had working in the studio this year was as amazing as ever! Thank you to my most loyal volunteers–beloved husband, Jeff, and Mullins Family. Yes, I’m calling you out. Let’s also hear it for my first timers and random philanthropists in the area. You all are some of the coolest folks around. I want to be more like you. With your help, we were able to re-cover my art tables in shiny new oilcloth, cut hunks of clay for future ceramic vessel making, hang bulletin boards, display new art reproductions, organize class lists, label bins and shelves, tidy caddies, engineer a test tile display for ceramic glazes and many other extremely important tasks that add up to what it takes to run a successful elementary art studio and welcome eager, nervous, shy, and enthusiastic students on the first day.

Check out the progress a few motivated, school-supporters can knock out in a few hours!

01f714e4fcba1e1ca3d5f7c817a3226981a100c818The top half of this picture is of my serene, home-studio where I did a lot of painting this summer. Down below captures the buzzing energy of a different kind of studio environment. Both are productive, inspiring places to create, in my opinion

01780ff14c393b20d43f868eead4142c7e3e35864fNew year, new oil cloth. The colors and designs help divide our tables by category.

01a15c1cd7f5cfcc935bb8261638919cb6ab42a64dGood thing these gals signed the safety waiver this morning!

01ec05113530d05eb61077dc2ff6c0e9aedd8f4049The dream team. There are no words for how much I appreciate these guys!

01f41ede150b31bfa953b5e89a4325a840eb8ef0f0Flexing those division skills when figuring out how to evenly divide 25 lbs of terracotta!


My dream of displaying the variety of glazes we have available in the studio for high and low fire clay was realized today!

01552f7dd9cea839d454b988ff88d3301b2d07a25dTeamwork = Dream Work!

01e06aeade442b56470bccbcaccedbc898163eabd3Good organization allows for the ability to create art freely!

016596831a3d0ad6030dec29dc6de27c03cd4f75d4My cozy new desk nook provides some much needed extra space near the sinks

01bc8e1457e1aac2d467167c4d615cd844bc9c836eThe library helps divide our art space into the “rectangle area,” where most of our direct instruction and demos take place and our studio art making space

015b2bbf5c72285f7d44b0238de7ed1cad6e198575Come visit us this school year!

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