Ready for flight at #HESA2014 !

As the year ended, we wrapped up a few GREAT projects and I left for the Honeywell Educator Space Academy. ( I’m still here actually!) When I return next week look for awesome pictures, videos and information about all of the great things that happened the last month of school.

What do you have to look forward to?

A blog post all about the amazing Wisconsin Fast Plants unit with Early Childhood!

You’ll want to play all of the  games our 3rd graders produced through our Labyrinth partnership.

You’ll be blown away but the videos, pictures and learning gleamed from my time at HESA2014. Here is a video from Day 3 to tempt you!

And why not provide another. Today I was in SOCR ( Mission Control) for a lunar mission. Not only have we completed these simulations but we’ve also taken a number of workshops on lessons I can bring back. I can’t WAIT for next year to learn with all of Maury’s STEM lovers! This is a lesson we learned today based on systems created to put Curiosity on Mars!

So stay tuned Think Tank follower…. updates are coming soon.

-Mrs. Ford

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