LSAT Minutes: January 16, 2018

Henri Cooper
Shirley Battle
Stefany Thangavelu
VanNessa Duckett
Maria Maya
Shannon VonFeldon
Elizabeth Nelson
Amber Gove
Susan Wall
Carolyn Albert-Garvey
Taeneress Griffin
Abby Sparrow

1. Budget: All of our petitions were met by DCPS. We are closer to 3 teacher allotment. We will have 422 students in the coming school year.

As we are in a larger space at Maury Village, CAG has requested an additional custodian. Still considering what the numbers mean for Think Take and Reading Specialist positions.

2. Move to Maury/Transition: The move went really well. People are settled. Contractors were a “pleasure to work with.” Staff parking is going well. Open Houses went well.

EH and Eastern have been contacted about building relationships w the Maury community.

3. New Maury Design/Playspace: Desire to make both buildings cohesive. Concern by some that plans were not made clear regarding play-space. Additionally, there are unknown basics that need to be made clear (are grades together, staff parking, etc). Teachers and staff schedules are “run by the minute” and feel that parking is a very significant start of the day/quality of life issue.

Community meeting tonight at 6pm to discuss plans.

4. Good of the order. Go Team Maury! We will work this out!

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