LSAT Minutes: September 19, 2017

VanNessa Duckett
Abby Sparrow
Shirley Battle
Maria Maya
Carolyne Albert-Garvey
Taeneress Griffin
Amber Gove
Shannon Von Feldon
Stefany Thangavelu
Susan Wall
Elizabeth Nelson

1. Reviewed overview and purpose of LSAT: a combination of teachers, staff, parents and community representative to recommend resource allocation, curriculum, budgeting, Chancellor’s Goals, school culture, family engagement, and staffing recommendations.

2. Discussed objectives for SY17/18:
Suggested priorities (in order of discussion not necessarily priority):
A. Move to EH
B. Learning Clubs shifting from LSAT to paid positions but LSAT will help with recruiting parent volunteers
C. Achievement gap
D. Bridging activities with EH (clubs, sports, tutoring, reading partners, etc—faculty recommended focusing on before/after school activities so as to not take away class instruction, reaching out to EH LSAT which is currently being formed)
E. How much should we focus on EH/Maury relationship during this season of relocation?
F: Implementation of and monitoring of Math support including Math Games during breakfast

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