Maury T-Shirt Fundraiser – Sale Ends Aug 17

Is your white Maury t-shirt starting to look worn and tattered?  Is it stained with markers and paints from Mrs. Bomba’s art class?  Is it starting to get a little snug or a little short?

If the answers to any of these questions is yes then pick up a brand new crisp, clean white Maury Short Sleeve T-Shirt here.  You won’t regret this purchase I assure you.

The more T-Shirts you buy the more Maury PTA and our Maury kids will profit!  The goal of this fundraiser is to sell 100 T-Shirts, but I know we can sell a lot more than that.  Last year we sold 125 and made $1000 for the PTA in support of our Maury children.

Don’t forget that many teachers allow students to wear Maury T-Shirts on field trips and special Maury events.  Don’t be left out, order yours now.

The sale ends Aug 17.  The next T-Shirt fundraiser will take place in the Spring.  Do you think your current T-Shirts will last that long?  I know the way my kids abuse them there is no chance.  That is why I am going here to buy some new ones.

Get your T-Shirts now!

Thanks and Happy T-Shirt Shopping,

Chris Pascuzzo
Dad to Sophia (2nd) & Nate (PreK4)

P.S. In order to make this process as easy (for me) as possible, shirts will be shipped directly to the address you submit when making your T-shirt purchase. Shipping is $5.95.  To bring down that cost get together with some Maury friends and place a bulk order so as to defray the S&H cost.  Place your order now!

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