Chorus Returns!

Chorus is back, which means there must be a concert around the corner! With all of my new Orff training, I have been making some HUGE changes to the concerts. This week, I have been letting the students in on a secret I have always kept from them. I don’t plan out the entire concert before we begin rehearsing! Every semester, I look at what we have been learning in each grade and pick one or two songs that show that off. After that, I let inspiration strike! We explore these pieces through song, movement, pitched and unpitched percussion instruments, and dance. In our Chorus rehearsals we play with the pieces and let the music lead us to an end point. The process of finding where our music ends up is always a lot of fun and ends up being even more surprising to me than to the students.


This Spring, get ready to hear and see what our students have been working on in Music all year. Each grade is already busy working on discovering what our concert will look like! I am most excited this Spring that the students will have a hand in deciding where the music takes us. Not only will student improvisation and composition befeatured again, but the students will be making decisions about when to use movement; or which instruments we should play; or whether a piece turns into a speech piece, a barred percussion piece, or movement, etc. Our students always blow me away with their creativity and willingness to try new ideas. I can’t wait to see where we end up for this concert!


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