How to Post Articles to the Maury Website

Below is a FAQ of how to post an article to your WordPress website. If you have additional questions or just need help, please email Chris.

To perform the below tasks you will have to be logged into the Maury Elementary instance of WordPress.

How do I create a Title for my Article?

Click in the area at the very top that is labeled Enter title here.  This will create the Title for your post.

How do I modify the URL for my Article?

A Slug will automatically be generated based on this Title.  You will find the slug directly beneath the Title you just created.   Please update the slug to whatever you like.  The shorter the better!

How do I create the Article body?

Paste or type your Article copy into the main window to create the article/post.  Please use the visual tab if you are more comfortable doing so.  To format your text use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) which can be found directly above this box.  You will notice all the traditional formatting options such as bolding, bullets, italics, underline, etc.  An important point to note is the dropdown that is labeled as Paragraph.  That box will format entire paragraphs or lines of text.  I utilize that area for headlines between paragraphs to be used a subheads.  I like to to select H2 for subheads and H1 for headlines.

How do I get an Article to show up on a specific page or in the Home Page Slider?

All posts to the General Interest category go directly into the Home Page Slider! Check off the box in the Categoires widget to make this happen.  If you’d like to add a post to the Upcoming Events column on the home page, just select the Upcoming Events category.  To create a page that does not display anywhere do no select any category.  This is a good way to hide the page from people as it will not be present on any page and the only way to view would be to type in the URL.

Make sure to add a Featured Image so the slider displays something prettier than the default.  Scroll down and on the right hand side you will see a button that says Featured Image.  Click that button and either select an image from the Image Library or upload a new one.

How do I create a summary of an article so it displays exactly what I want in the Recent Posts section of the Home Page and Article Pages?

Add an Excerpt (possibly the first few lines or main point of the article) as it will display the first few lines in the summary if you don’t.

How do allow or disallow people from commenting on my Articles?

I you want to allow folks to make comments on posts leave the checkboxes as is in the Discussion area.  If you want to restrict comments, please uncheck the boxes.

How do I add to the Popular Topics (Tag Cloud) on the Home Page?

Please add Tags to your posts so that the tag cloud on the home page will populate.  The tag cloud is another way that users will see the most important topics on your website.

How do I add or alter the byline of the Article?

To add a byline to an article go to Author and click the dropdown.  You will notice Maury Elementary listed.  This is what you should choose by default.  You can add new Authors by going to the Users page in the WordPress navigation, that can be found on the left, and creating a new User.

How do I Publish my Article?

To publish the post and make it live on the site just click the Publish button.

How do I unPublish my Article?

If you’ve had a change of heart and would like to remove the article/post from your site just click  the Edit button directly next to Status:Published, which can be found in the Publish Box.  Click Edit then select Draft.  The article then will be back in Draft mode and not be displayed on your website.

How do I moderate Comments on my website?

Hover your mouse pointer over Comments and then click on Disqus.  Then click on the text that reads, “To moderate your Disqus comments, click here.”  Then proceed to login using the Disqus credentials.   Once you sign in once you should not have to login to Disqus again.

Once you are in the Disqus system you should see any comments that have been posted to your website.  If you would like to Delete the comment just click the delete button below the comment.  If you want to respond go back to the article where the comment is and then click Reply which is located directly underneath the comment.

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