Early Childhood Engages with New Media, Techniques, and Processes (oh my!)

015b199134758e2114a174855303cf585765fd8d0b Our early childhood unit took us on an exploration of new media, techniques, and processes!




Beginning with the art of scissor-holding, students, paras, and Ms. Bomba were united in song as we paraded to the beat of our feet holding our scissors “ice-cream cone style,” or blade down, in order to stay safe. We used our crab claws to “pinch,” or open and close the scissor blades making it easier to cut geometric shapes, like the ones seen in many of Mondrian’s paintings.


 Piet Mondrian’s, Broadway Boogie Woogie

As our unit advanced, students were introduced to the Elements of Art, or the language of Art, and became experts and identifying the way artists apply the Elements in unique ways in order to get different results and evoke emotions and ideas in their art work.

After mastering the way Mondrian applies line, shape, color, and space in his primary color-inspired paintings, we took a look at the wild, energetic, collage work of Romare Bearden.

SERENADEbyromarebeardenRomare Bearden, Serenade

Bearden applies the same Elements of Art in his work, only uses a different medium. In his work, magazines, photographs, and even torn canvas come together to create a world of overlapping paper. Here are some students practicing how to overlap with their hands before beginning their work.



Students later combined aspects of both Mondrian and Bearden’s work to get their own primary colored, geometric shape, cut paper collages! Here are a few pictures of students practicing how to cut geometric shapes from primary colored paper and learning how to properly apply glue to their cut shapes.

01ad7bede387f149843ea47e2188d571ca6cf0b47d 01dcde6d47a324db5a9b70e7c6d97bbbe49eb231ff 019ef4590c19f82c3e399d6014053c0a9bef2aa02c 0153c232a63fc18760237a046a8dae630b0090406e 0182f85c51ce0b8e3f7e470ab199b6e642f46a47c4 01033116f7a9646f418b802cc632e20248fdeed516To top it all off, students then incorporated yet another artistic process–printmaking! Using everyday objects such as lids, toilet paper rolls, and baby food containers, we were able to create negative space in high-contrasting black and white!

01e8e167f6c9ad88761b95e96fcba497f38e9cc6ae 01fb47cca5b8a088490e0abf95a9e35bfdcc0a2f8e 015aa47d7d2c231f62b7c7b96bfb70138032a04713 01d29ccf57716ba588dc8723247b8b2b3d6c949714 011d3d5541f710e2e62a1ae1004599a5a34c15f8cc 01133e7442405109f3f17aa5a8ee207e0cdcec75e0

Now that you can see the impressive work these busy young artists have been up to, ask yourself the question, what were you doing at age 3 or 4?


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