Penny Wars is Here!

We Need Your Pennies for Staff Appreciation Week!

The “Penny War” is a mini fundraiser starting:

Tuesday, April 22nd – Friday, May 2nd

The class with the most pennies will be treated to a “CHOOSE YOUR OWN TOPPINGS” ICE CREAM PARTY!


  • Each class will have a dedicated jar in the front office.
  • Students try to fill their class jar with LOTS OF PENNIES!
  • The class with the MOST PENNIES wins, BUT silver coins, bills, and checks placed in jars count AGAINST that class!
    (Example: A quarter cancels out 25 pennies. A one dollar bill cancels out 100 pennies)


  • Collect LOTS and LOTS of pennies and fill your class jar.
  • Set OTHER classes back in their effort by adding nickels, dimes, quarters, bills, and checks to their jar!

* REMEMBER, the more money we raise, the greater the treats and gifts we can spoil our teachers and staff with!!

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