2014-15 Maury School Pre-Enrollment Begins April 1!

Enrollment opens next week (April 1) but we will not be accepting forms on the mornings of April 1-9. Students in grades 3-4-5 will be testing. A lot happens each morning, tests need to be signed out and returned, students who have accommodations are in rooms all over the building, … We need to limit access to the office during morning hours.

Ms. Coleman will be giving me “office hours” for enrollment by the end of the week.

We will only be accepting complete enrollment packets – forms & proof of residency. Health forms can be submitted later. This means we need to avoid the following scenario: Dropping off forms without proving residency. I have made this very clear to Ms. Coleman. Do not give her a hard time. I will personally be reviewing all enrollment toms each Friday. Forms submitted without proof of residency will be sent home with your child and your child will not be enrolled.

Lastly, the parent who can prove residency must enroll the student. DCPS is no longer accepting “combo” proof of residency – meaning that one proof is in dad’s name and the other is in mom’s name. Please plan accordingly. DCPS has a zero tolerance for residency fraud and new policies are in place to avoid non-residents enrolling in public schools without paying tuition.

I’ll provide more details by the end of the week. Keep an eye on your mail. DCPS will be mailing enrollment forms to your home.

Carolyne Albert-Garvey

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