What exactly IS the Expo? May I have flyers?

The 3rd Annual Maury Think Tank and STEM Expo is Thursday, January 23rd from 6-7:30pm! Learn more about it below or HERE!
Would you like this flyer for your people in your school or community? See below!

What IS this Expo anyway?
From presentations with live hawks and owls and wearing night vision goggles to planting personal milkweed plants and using a 3-D printer, visitors to the 3rd Annual Maury Elementary STEM Expo will get to experience STEM careers first-hand from the scientists, engineers, educators and professionals who do the work each day! Designed like an exhibition hall, experts from over 20 STEM organizations will engage students, families and community members in activities that represent their work. The Expo is designed to make STEM accessible to ALL learners, from preschool up! Past years have only been open to Maury students, but this year we are opening our doors to all DCPS staff, families and community members! This event is completely free and most  organizations also bring items that visitors can take home with them ( much like the “swag” adults get at conferences)! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Vanessa Ford at vanessa.ford@dc.gov. You can also print out flyers for your school or community!

Do you have flyers I can print to give to my school or community members?

YES! Feel free to print and share and I look forward to THINKING, LEARNING and EXPLORING with all of you next Thursday at 6pm!


Are you planning to attend and are not a Maury family? 
Yay! I’m thrilled you will join us! Please consider emailing me at vanessa.ford@dc.gov to help me make an estimate of how many people are coming! I want to ensure I have enough “Swag Bags” and other goodies for all our visitors!

-Vanessa Ford

PS: Follow on Twitter @maurythinktank for updates on our program!

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