Maury Family Traditions Night (Mar 6)

Maury Elementary presents: An evening of Maury Traditions

Please join us on Thursday, March 6th from 6:00PM-7:30PM for an evening of art, music, dance, games, and stories.

Come celebrate our uniqueness and learn more about the diverse cultures and traditions at Maury.

# # #

It’s time to think about which family tradition you would like to highlight at our 3rd annual Maury Family Traditions Night.

Many families highlight traditions from a heritage perspective. They include traditional clothing, food, and more. We would like to expand our event to also include a greater variety of traditions. For example, does your family have an annual family reunion? How about an annual trip to a special place for your family? Does your family have a special holiday meal? Do you have a family storyteller? All of our families have wonderful traditions.

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