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The Maury PTA funds an annual campaign to support specific efforts or programming each year. In the past, this campaign, called “Support Our School”, or “SOS”, has been used to help pay for classroom aides in the upper grades, support literacy programs, and programs such as dance.

This year, the campaign is being called “Staff Our School”, and the funds raised will be used solely to help to cover the over $50,000 the PTA needs to pay for aides.

Some history on this work: years ago, the parents of younger children realized that while DCPS covers aides for the early childhood programs, students in the upper grades (1-5) were in just as much need of an extra adult in the classroom. The PTA voted to raise the funds and hire aides for those grades.

This year, the PTA-employed aides are:

  • Tiera Lawrence, 1st Grade
  • Iris Jefferson, 2nd Grade
  • Robin Paul, 3rd Grade
  • Angela Caudle, 4th and 5th Grades
  • Jalen McLendon, 4th and 5th Grades, Recess Monitor

Popular programs, such as the Literacy Lab, will continue to be supported by the PTA, but the concentration of this campaign will be on covering these salaries. We love our aides, and you can expect to see more about each of them in promotional materials for S.O.S. over the coming weeks!

The requested amount for support for S.O.S. is $200 per Maury student. The payment can be made with PTA dues on the form sent home or online here. Not all of our families are able to support at this level, but every amount helps and if you are able to contribute more, please do so for this important effort.

If you have any questions on the S.O.S. campaign, contact Amy Weedon at amyweedon@verizon.net.

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