The PTA dues and personnel contributions combined with monies raised through a variety of PTA fundraising activities help pay for the following:

  • Teacher’s aides in grades 1 to 5
  • Back to Basics program focused on literacy
  • Assistance during the testing block with PTA classroom aides
  • Stipends for faculty to use for classrooms/supplies
  • Resource materials (music, physical education, art, library, science, and computer technology)
  • Playground and office equipment
  • Special school-wide events and programs
  • Other support as needed and/or voted upon by membership-at-large.

Annual PTA fundraising/Social Activities Include:

Staff Our School Campaign:This year, the campaign is being called “Staff Our School”, and the funds raised will be used solely to help to cover the over $50,000 the PTA needs to pay for aides.

Maury at the Market: EVERY Maury student benefits from the proceeds of Maury at the Market, a silent auction and Maury’s biggest fundraiser of the year! This is a night out for adults – fun and for a great cause!

Escrip and Bonuscard Programs: Each fall, Safeway and Giant sponsor programs which enable our school to receive computers, software, and other school equipment based on the amount of purchases made by the Maury Community. Please register your club cards with the Grocery Receipts Coordinator, or online at and

Yard Sale: Families are asked to donate items to sell.

Box Tops for Education:  Learn more at Save yours and drop them in the box marked “Box Tops” on the main office door and in the foyer inside of the Box Tops box.

Other: Other fundraising events may be held throughout the year. Parent suggestions are always welcome! Maury outings, such as Maury Day at Nationals Stadium, Maury Night at La Lomita, and contributions from local restaurants for Maury at the Market are examples of community fundraisers held at local establishments, which benefit both neighboring businesses and our school.