Parenting Changemakers


Parenting Changemakers is a parent-led initiative aimed at creating ideas, tools, and practices to support children to be changemakers and, in the process evolve parenting practices of the 21st century.

Changemaking starts with you, the parent.  Changemakers are not born. Instead, they are shaped by their experiences and most importantly, their influencers. Parents, as the most critical influence in a child’s life, can best enable children to master changemaking.

Who is a changemaker?  A changemaker is anyone who takes initiative and causes positive change for the greater good.

Through research and interactions with leading business and social entrepreneurs and their parents, common themes and patterns emerged regarding the parenting that shaped today’s changemakers. This knowledge forms the blueprint for Parenting Changemakers, including the essential changemaking skills of empathy, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving.

At Maury, there are several ways to learn more about enabling your children to master the essential skills of changemaking:

Basic – You can take advantage of the Parenting Changemaker page in each Tuesday Folder!!  Each week, this page will highlight an important idea, tool, or practice from the Parenting Changemakers research and offer a related activity.  You can also participate in a school-wide upcoming special event hosted by the Maury Parenting Changemakers Committee – more information coming, as plans are solidified…

Learn – If you are intrigued and want to know more about the research in one sitting, you can participate in a 90 minute roundtable.  This session will discuss the framework and methodology of the Parenting Changemakers program, including deep dives into each essential changemaking skill.  Dates and times of upcoming roundtables to be announced…

Lead – If you prefer an ongoing conversation about the essential changemaking skills, you can choose to participate in (or lead) a Wisdom Circle.  Wisdom Circles are small groups of parents, who get together to connect and discover ways to meet the challenges of parenting. Through their own stories, and the stories of parents whose children have done extraordinary things for society, parents are inspired to raise their children as changemakers of the future, equipped with the skills of empathy, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving.

For more information about Parenting Changemakers overall or to join the PTA Committee supporting this important work, contact Maureen Shove-Brown at the following email: