K & 1st

Mrs. Shirley Battle, Kindergarten Teacher:  I have been at Maury for 20 years. What I like most about teaching is interacting with the children and the awesome reward of observing students learn new things.  The love of children and the power of education inspired me to become a teacher. The most memorable part of this year was when students requested to have more time to read with partners.

Ms. Mamie Vick, Kindergarten Teacher:  I love children! It’s such a joy to teach them and watch them grow and learn.  I love the sparkle that gets in their eyes and their excitement at mastering a skill.  I was inspired to become a teacher by my Kindergarten teacher, by the love she gave her students and her creativity in teaching. Everyday that my kids master a skill is memorable for me.  One “ah-ha” moment is when we learned about capacity.  My class was so excited about measurements.

Ms. Henri Cooper, First Grade Teacher:  I have taught for more than 30 years and have been at Maury for more than 20 years.  I love the times when my students get that “I got it” look in their eyes; the times they have those “aha” moments, and then when they put those realizations into practice.  It’s a wonderful feeling.  Growing up I had some amazing people who nurtured me.  Those people ranged from family members to members of my community.  A great many of these people were educators and I so wanted to be “like” them, but I didn’t want to be a teacher.  I think I sort of fell into teaching because it was a natural thing to do; it wasn’t something forced…it just seemed to be what I was called to do. I am so tickled, pleased, proud, of the growth this group of young adults has demonstrated.  They are an amazingly intelligent, caring, giving and most loving group of students whom I not only love, but truly like.  Watching them grow and develop has been a blessing to me.

Mrs. Asonja Dorsey, First Grade Teacher:  I have been at Maury for over 20 years.  I am floored year after year when I see the transformation of my students.  First graders grow so much academically in one year.  I adore my little sponges.  I have many teachers in my personal life.  My mother is truly the best teacher I’ve ever met. I’m sure she was my greatest inspiration. I affectionately call this year’s class my ”Peanuts” characters.  Just like Schultz’s characters, they say the most powerful and insightful thoughts even though they are tiny people.