Support the Annual Fund by Becoming a Sustaining Member

The Annual Fund provides funding for classroom supports, school supplies, and programs such as Mindfulness, Readers and Writers Workshop, and the Literacy Lab. This year, our goal is to raise $30,000 this year for this initiative.

There are a couple of ways to support our children and staff during the Annual Fund Drive. Either pledge a One Time Donation or become a Sustaining Member by selecting a donation amount below.

Become a Maury Monthly Sustainer


Or, donate any monthly amount $  

Decide how much you want to contribute to Maury Elementary each month. Because we try to cover our costs of credit card processing, $20 or greater per month is the minimum amount, and elect a monthly payment in full-dollar increments. For example: $21, $56, or $84 per month.

Thank you for your contribution to our success!